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Nipige – E-Market Place, Multitenant, SAAS-based B2B & B2C Multiple Business Deliverance Platform.

Nipige, a multitenant, SAAS-based multiple business delivery platform helps entities and enterprises build and configure online businesses, providing the much-needed online interface and digital space.

Nipige thereby helps consolidate and connect different businesses with end-users in view of enabling service providers, traders, manufacturers, and business entities sell products and provide B2B & B2C services from one place and platform. Nipige is one of the best online E-commerce Marketplace solution providers in India.

A Digital Enterprise Business Enablement Platform.

As a singular digital enterprise business enablement and aggregator platform, Nipige has been developed to be of a one-point podium that helps entities build online businesses or online B2B & B2C stores, digital B2B & B2C platforms, the easy and cost-effective way without the need for huge capital expenses and start from the scratch model.

Businesses can cater to diverse customers and huge customer bases providing rich customer experiences with seamless access to businesses and customer networks on fingertips with lessened costs and investments. Developed in-house by Trigital, a renowned B2B&B2C E-Commerce Development company in India that develops Digital B2B & B2C Platform Solutions, Nipige is a flagship B2B & B2C digital enablement platform and B2B, B2C online portal.

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