Enterprise B2B and B2C solutions

Digital Enablement & Monetisation for Small and Medium Scale
B2B & B2C Businesses

Be on par with business environments and align with the ecosystems that necessitate
digital processes and procedures

B2B and B2C solutions for businesses planning to transform into the online model of business conduct. Business digital enablement and platform support for selling, buying, promoting, online retail chain management, business network development, customer engagement, and other broad e-commerce based service deliverance for wide-ranging customers and customer bases.

Online Multi-Vendor B2B &B2C Buy and Sell Platform Development

Businesses can no longer afford to be away from the online realms. Digital technology has already transformed the way we live and conduct our lives and businesses cannot be omitted from the digital landscapes. Now a day’s buy and sell, and transactions are more so online.

Nipige as an online digital enablement cloud platform can enable small scale and medium scale business proprietors build multi-vendor platforms to conduct business online and ensure hassle-free B2B and B2B buy and sell.

  • Platform ready features for spontaneous business launch with multiple vendor on boarding
  • Helps build own online market place
  • Optimised processes, minimised Capex and Opex, maximised revenue
  • SAAS based online buy and sell platform building with modern-day IT technology stack and architectures and SEO based product promotion
  • CI/CD models of application development
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