Build, manage and transform businesses in short spans of time with go to market, ready functionalities and features on fingertips.


Rapid Business Digitization Platform & Multimarket, Multiple Business Hyperlocal E Market place.

We empower build big and small online platforms for B2B & B2C businesses & enable them to be part of a growing e-marketplace.

A Digital Enterprise Business Enablement Platform, Nipige can help fully automate and configure business processes and business support systems, providing several cross-business advantages. Nipige can help save on Capex and Opex by optimising expenses and has been developed by Trigital, an IT automation and an Online B2B & B2C e-Commerce Portal Development Company in India.

Automate your processes on par with the emerging environments.

Build automated interfaces and Automate your business processes using Cloud and SAAS technologies. Nipige as a digital enablement platform can digitalise and automate processes on par with emerging business environments and align businesses with ecosystems that necessitate digital processes and procedures.

automate business process
sell products

Sell products and services like never before.

Be part of an online business aggregator platform & effortlessly connect with the B2B &B2C hyperlocal sectors.

B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions for businesses of varying sizes and complexities. B2B & B2C e-commerce platform support and e-marketplace for selling, buying, E-commerce, online retail chain management, and service deliverance for wide-ranging customers on fingertips. Entities, storekeepers, etc can now build online businesses cost-effectively, connect and develop B2B & B2C business networks at will.

Make your presence felt with ease.

Multilingual approach with user-friendly dashboards

Nipige doesn’t just enable digital business conduct but also provides a big marketplace for small, medium-scale businesses of sorts. Multiple vendor and multiple product-based e-marketplace with a multi-lingual approach that could be of an effective linguistic barrier eraser for growing hyper-local businesses.

As an e-marketplace, Nipige can also help E-market your products and services using automated inbound marketing techniques. Make your products & services better visible, develop leads, drive customers, close deals, sell products, and deliver services like never before.


Harness features that help build your online business and transform the future of it.

Mobile and web-based

Mobile and web-based

Connect from the convenience of your palm with a seamless interface and navigation.

Mobile and web-based

Secure data and transactions

Customer and other types of data is secure and transactions safe with Nipige.

Mobile and web-based

Agile and swift

Enables service providers reach customers with brisk pace on fingertips.

Mobile and web-based

Flexible and highly integrable

A flexible platform with a host of advantages, customisable options and features that suit individual specific needs and need-based demands.

Mobile and web-based

Template-based catalogs

Ensures easy and guidance based requirement posting.

Mobile and web-based

Location-based search results

Location-based search and search results for effective and efficient conduct of business.

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