Online Food Portal Development

If you want to be in the business of delivering food online we are here to help you. Online food and hospitality services have been constantly growing ever since the proliferation of online technology.

Nipige can cater to the online food delivery industry by addressing the IT and application development needs of the entities vying to enter online food delivery businesses. ers, offer rewards, discounts, paybacks, offer cards, loyalty points, assign loyalty numbers, and more.

On-Demand Home Service

On-demand home service is the much-needed service sought after by many urbanites who sometimes are desperate to find an appropriate hand that can render the much-needed fix. Be it an electrical breakdown in the house or a plumbing leakage the need is to fix it immediately.

Searching for a helping hand in the locality or an inquiry at a repair outlet is rather a thing of the past. A viable norm of the day is from the convenience of the palm. And Nipige can help the one planning to launch an on-demand home service business, helping build an app and consolidate the segments and personal needed for an online on-demand home service business platform.

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