Online Retail Management

Online retail management for single and multiple grocery and other retailers or shops with location-based search and delivery.
Nipige can help mange billing and inventory management processes for diverse retail businesses that deal with
grocery and other essential items and more.

  • Plan Marketing & Promotional Strategies
  • Automate point of sale processes retail Operations
  • Unified Control over sales and Distribution
  • Plan Marketing & Promotions Strategies
  • Efficient Inventory and Stock Management
retail ecommerce


This is the age of e-commerce with numerous sales, purchases, and transactions made from within the online fold and E-Commerce could be the future of businesses of varying scales.B2B & B2C, a variety of retail outlets can harness the benefits of Nipige as a digital enablement platform that caters to businesses planning to build e-commerce business models for their products and services.

Easy wallet management with multiple payment gateway integration options and other transaction-based features, apart from coupon and loyalty aggregation features help enterprises and businesses flourish with E-Commerce business models and digital business conduct.

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